Tamil Nadu Govt To Take Stringent Action Against Quacks

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu health department has decided to crack down on quacks who pose as doctors and treat gullible patients.

Verdict A 22-year-old married woman, Jayasri, wife of K. Shanmugham, died after she bled profusely after consuming a medicine provided by the owner of a medical shop. The 22-year-old was two months pregnant and didn’t want her family to know about it.

The incident took place in Panaikulam village of Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu when Jayasri Selvaraj (46) approached a medical shop owner to abort her pregnancy.

The incident took place on December 15. Quakea gave him a pill and asked him to consume it. Soon after he bled profusely and was admitted to a private hospital. When the situation worsened, the woman was taken to the Government Medical Hospital on December 16. However, the woman passed away on December 19, at the Government Medical Hospital.

The woman told the doctors that she had consumed a pill from the Selvaraj medical shop on Saturday while she was entering the Medical College.

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On Sunday, a team of officials from the Tamil Nadu health department led by the Joint Director of Medical Services, Dr. Shanthi reached the Selvaraj premises. The team found that accused Selvaraj was running an illegal clinic in his pharmacy. An official also told IANS that the raid team of the Medical Education department found that Selvaraj had supplied 21 different types of medicines in his clinic.

Following the raid on the medical shop, the Tamil Nadu health department has taken steps to conduct regular checks in all districts of the state to crack down on illegal clinics and barracks that prescribe “medicines” that cause acute medical problems for patients who consume these prescribed medicines. such people

The state health department, according to sources, has informed the state health minister about the problems the state is facing with regard to barracks practicing masquerading as doctors.

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