Tamil Nadu Man Grows 60 kg of Jumbo Yams in His Garden, Hopes to Set Record

Last update: 21 December 2022, 15:30 IST

Wilson's jumbo yams are attracting attention in Tamil Nadu.  (Credits: News18)

Wilson’s jumbo yams are attracting attention in Tamil Nadu. (Credits: News18)

Wilson, 72, grew one particular plant that had 60kg of giant yams and 55kg of yams.

His interest in agriculture has led Wilson, who was born in the Verkizhambi Kallanguzhi area of ​​Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari district, to grow jumbo yams in his garden. The 72-year-old, after retiring as a regional development officer, is now investing his time in farming and growing crops including yams, bananas and coconuts in his garden.

Wilson has been producing and harvesting yams in large quantities. Meanwhile, it has recently come to light that a farmer in Kerala has broken records by harvesting 45 kg of yam. Learning about this, Wilson has started growing sweet potato plants as an experiment in an attempt to break the Kerala man’s record. Therefore, he has collected the potato plants that have reached maturity and are ready for harvest.

One particular plant in Wilson’s garden had 60 kg of giant yams, and another plant had 55 kg of yams. The locals were amazed to see the mega-sized yams for the first time. Eventually, Wilson asked the Tamil Nadu government’s horticulture department for help in getting the huge yams he picked from his garden on the record list.

Such anomalies appear jumbo from time to time in nature. Recently, a 210 gram egg laid by a chicken in Kolhapur, Maharashtra may have broken the record for the largest egg in India. According to a Times of India report, the chicken is from a poultry farm in Talsande village of Kolhapur district. Experts say that this egg laid by this Hy-line and W-80 breed chicken may contain three to four yolks. The giant egg was first seen by Dilip Chavan, the owner of this poultry farm in Chavan Mala region on October 16.

Chavan has been in the poultry business for more than 4 decades, but says that never in his career has he come across an egg as big as this one. At first, the egg itself was measured with a scale of its own size and was also weighed. On Sunday, the egg weighed about 200 grams, but when the owner crossed it again on Monday, it weighed 210 grams. The owner cross-checked the weight of the egg with three different weight bullets, confirming its weight to be 210 grams.

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