Tamil Nadu monitoring Covid-19 situation, says Health Minister Ma Subramanian

After the Center advised states and Union Territories to step up Covid-19 prevention measures and monitor virus variants amid rising cases in China and other countries, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian said the government is monitoring the situation in the state.

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, Subramanian said the government and health authorities had the spread of the virus under control and no deaths due to Covid had been reported in the last seven to eight months.

“Though many countries detected Covid-19 cases in 2019, the first case was detected in Tamil Nadu in March 2020. The cases were in single digits during that period and in the next two years, the cases went up and up. 36,000 per day in Tamil Nadu. Now, the latest “In 10 days, the cases have gone back to single digits. Only seven or eight people have tested positive for the virus,” said the Health Minister.

“There has been no casualty in Tamil Nadu in the last seven months and it was thanks to the efforts of the chief minister who spearheaded the vaccination campaign. 96% of the population received the first dose of the vaccine and 92% the second dose,” he added.

The health minister said that in earlier times to study the mutation pattern, the state government was sending samples to the ICMR laboratory in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, but now everything can be investigated in its whole genome sequencing laboratory at the public health laboratory in Chennai.

“Although a variant of Covid-19 is spreading in other countries like China, Brazil, Japan, France, Tamil Nadu, the cases are in single digits. We are closely monitoring the situation,” the minister added.

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