Tara Open Day by Learning Matters

Learning Matters is conducting ‘Tara Open Day’ – a wonderful opportunity for students from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to showcase their communication skills.

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, Dec. 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Learning Matters, a Bangalore-based edtech organization, is holding ‘TARA Open Day’ for schools using AI-based conversational English solution – Tara English Language Lab. Tara English Language Lab has already improved the literacy skills of thousands of students across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The TARA Open House is an interclass competition that allows students to showcase the English communication skills they have learned and improved through the Tara English Language Lab. The open day is being held in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu schools for 3 hours and students will be involved in various activities.

The main objective of the TARA Open House is to increase the confidence of students by giving them the opportunity to take the stage and demonstrate their skills in front of an audience. By participating in various competitions, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their progress in English skills and gain valuable experience in public speaking.

A wide range of event categories will be held to ensure the participation of all students. Below are the names of the different competitions that students can participate in:
1. Storyteller
2. String of words
3. Spelling wizards
4. Mumbo Jumbo
5. What is a good Word?
6. First Act
7. Young Anchor
8. An enthusiastic speaker

In addition to the competitions, the Tara Open House will also allow teachers, administrators and parents to learn more about the Tara English Language Lab program and how it helps improve students’ literacy skills. With the help of this innovative technology, students are able to learn at their own pace and receive personalized instruction, proven to be an effective method of language learning.

For students and teachers, Tara Open Day is an opportunity to celebrate hard work and progress. It’s also an opportunity to share ideas and insights with others who are using the Tara English Language Lab, and learn how this technology can be used to improve literacy skills across the school.

Overall, the TARA Open Day is an exciting event that will give students the opportunity to demonstrate their English communication skills and increase their confidence by speaking in front of an audience.

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Learning Matters is an educational technology company based in Bangalore. They are transforming the school through the pioneering English communicative program ‘Tara’ which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and voice technology. Tara’s influence is reinforced through the powerful “StarTeacher” teacher training program.
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