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Tata Motors has made several bets over the years, but its best bet has to be entering the EV segment. Tata’s plan to convert its existing ICE cars into EVs has given the brand a big boost. Last month, Tata launched India’s cheapest EV, the Tiago EV. Now Tata’s next EV could be its premium hatchback Altroz. So what will the Altroz ​​EV range be? In today’s article let’s talk about the details of the Tata Altroz ​​EV range.

Tata Altroz ​​EV – Range Details

Altroz ​​EV range

Tata has showcased the Altroz ​​EV at various exhibitions and other platforms, but has never revealed the specifications. So what battery option can you get? The Altroz ​​EV is Tata’s premium hatchback and should get the premium treatment. So we expect it to come with a 30.2 kWh battery pack like the Nexon EV prime. This will help Tata differentiate the Altroz ​​EV from the Tiago EV with its 26 kWh battery pack. The Nexon EV with a 30.2 kWh battery has a range of 312 km. We expect Altroz ​​EV to deliver better range due to better dynamics and low weight.

What else do you expect?

Altroz ​​EV range

Altroz ​​EV will follow the Alfa-Arc Architecture like its ICE counterpart. Design-wise, we expect blue lights on the exterior and the signature Teal Blue color seen on the Nexon EV and Tigor EV. What about the Engine? Like the battery, it could share its engine with the Nexon EV, which could see a 127 hp engine. In the interiors too, Tata can provide blue lights on the door cushions and seats. What about features? Altroz ​​will keep all the high-level features. Apart from that, it can get Regen modes and driving modes.

Start the timeline

Altroz ​​EV range

Tata has stated many times that it can convert any of its ICE cars into an EV at any given time. So the Altroz ​​EV might make the most sense. ICE Altroz ​​is selling well, but in lower numbers compared to its competitor. So Tata may look to revive its sales by bringing in its EV version. This will also be the first premium EV hatchback in the country. What about the prices? We can expect the price of the Altroz ​​EV to start from Rs 13 lakhs (ex-showroom).

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