Telangana Farmer’s Daughter Conquers Antarctica’s Tallest Peak

Telangana farmer's daughter has conquered the highest peak in Antarctica

Telangana farmer’s daughter has conquered the highest peak in Antarctica

Hyderabad: He comes from a humble family dependent on agriculture, but this young mountaineer from Telangana has not let opportunity stop him from climbing to the top.

Barely three months after she made history as the first Indian woman to scale the ‘real summit’ of Mount Manaslu, Anvitha Padamati (24) has gone on to scale the highest peak in Antarctica.

On December 17, Anvitha climbed Mount Vinson, the highest peak on the continent of Antarctica – 4,892 m above sea level.

She was part of an international Antarctic expedition team with Transcend Adventures India that left Hyderabad for Punta Arenas, Chile on December 3. After completing the documentation and other formalities, he went to Union Glacier in Antarctica on December 7th.

“It was not an easy mountain to climb, but I successfully reached the top with the team. All my previous mountain climbing experience helped me a lot. It is my 4th peak out of 7 peaks,” said Anvitha.

From the 8th to the 15th of December, Anvitha spent time acclimatizing to the harsh Antarctic weather, facing very windy conditions, with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. Finally, on December 16, he tried to climb to the top.

“It was a very windy day, almost 30 degrees below zero and my hands were too cold and I couldn’t even put up a tent. We built the tent with great difficulty and it was almost 35 degrees below zero inside the tent. On 16th December we started for the summit around 11:00 AM reached Mt.Vinson peak around 9:00 PM and hoisted the Indian flag on the summit at 4892 m. Almost 20 minutes to the top is a great experience because the top mountain is like a pyramid.

“Because of the very bad wind, we packed all our things and went straight down to the base camp the same day. It took us 20 hours. It was a long day but a great day”, he remembers.

Anvitha’s coach and mentor, Shekhar Babu Bachinepally said, “Climbing Mount Vinson is not technically difficult, but the location of the mountain is incredibly remote and the conditions are often extreme. Good pack fitness is important given the extremely cold conditions, and the expedition supplies and cargo ferry of equipment to various heights of Mt.

Anvitha’s father, Madhusudhan Reddy, is a farmer, and her mother, Chandrakala Padamati, works at an Anganwadi school in Bhongir.

For Anvitha, who is aiming for seven summits spread over seven continents, this Antarctic feat marks her fourth achievement and brings her closer to her goal.

In January 2021, Anvitha climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent. He scaled Mount Elbrus, the highest peak on the European continent, in December 2021, becoming the only Indian to achieve the feat.

In May 2022, he climbed the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. Anvitha beat Mt Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica, to reach the goal of seven summits with three summits to go. South America’s Mount Aconcagua, Australia’s Mount Kosciuszko and North America’s Mount Denali make up the remaining three peaks of the Seven Summits.

Anvitha’s next destination is South America’s highest peak, Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. “I’m preparing a February raise,” he said, concluding.

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