Telangana Minorities Finance Corporation calls for fresh applications for loans

Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation (TSMFC) chairman Imtiyaz Ishaq on Saturday said the State government had sanctioned ₹50 crore for the bank-linked subsidy scheme and invited small entrepreneurs to apply.

Mr. Ishaq said applicants can avail Category – 1 (₹ 1 lakh) and Category – 2 (₹ 2 lakh) loans under the scheme. The subsidy component for the former will be 80% and for the latter 70%.

He asked the applicants to stay away from middlemen and said that the selection of applicants for loans will be transparent. The selection committee would consist of the district collector and the District Minority Welfare Officer. He said the details are available at

On the huge backlog of unprocessed older applications, TSMFC sources said that these applicants would have to resubmit. No provision has been made in the government order to give priority.

Sources said around one lakh orders are backlogged.

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