The alarming number of POCSO cases in Kerala and appeasement politics

Why are POCSO cases on the rise in self-proclaimed “Number One” Kerala? On December 15, Janam TV reported the arrest of a madrasa teacher who sexually assaulted an 11-year-old student in Varkala. Salahuddin AS, son of Dar ul Najad Abdul Majeed, a native of Kummil near Kadakkal in Thiruvananthapuram district, was arrested by Ayiroor police. The incident took place inside a madrasa in Varkala, within Ayiroor police station limits.

The girl who went to the Madrasa for religious studies was molested by the teacher. The school’s teachers became suspicious of the child’s behavior, and it was revealed when they advised him of sexual assault. The teachers informed the child’s parents, and a complaint was lodged at the Ayiroor police station.

Salahuddin went into hiding before the police arrived, but was soon arrested. Madrasa authorities alleged that the accused was fired immediately. Police are investigating if there are more victims.

In September, the Vellangallur police in Thrissur district arrested a madrassa teacher named Thoyib Farhan (22) for allegedly trying to rape a nine-year-old girl inside the madrassa toilet. The police registered a case based on a complaint by the victim’s parents after the girl disclosed her experience. Farhan was charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. The municipal police stated that several children had been sexually assaulted. The police did not release his footage and launched a ‘thorough investigation’, but that was it.

In April, News 18 reported that the Varkala police arrested an accused who molested a 14-year-old girl. He was alone in the house when Abdul Salam’s son Rafi (43) approached the victim asking for water to drink. When he gave her water, Rafi took her inside and raped the minor girl. The child’s parents are daily wage earners, and Rafi worked with the victim’s father. Rafi knew the vulnerability of the victim, went to her house and molested the child when the parents were struggling. The accused was brought before the judge and imprisoned.

On November 26, Dev speech reported that a teacher from Chadayamangalam in Kollam district was arrested under the POCSO Act for molesting one of his girl students. Yousuf sexually assaulted the victim during the school’s art festival and fled when the minor complained. Police registered a case and said an investigation was on. The Kerala police are yet to find the pederast teacher.

Mavoor police arrested Sudeendran (43) alias Pazhoor Irattakandiyil Ashkar after raping a six-year-old girl in Kozhikode. Officers led by Mavoor CI, K Vinodhan arrested the rapist. The accused was imprisoned for 14 days. The attack looked so sick that the media did not report the details, but it was published on December 6.

Pallithottam police in Kollam district arrested Afzal (27) after raping a minor girl and impregnating her. The accused wooed her, promising marriage, and raped her in her home. The girl’s parents learned of the abuse after she became pregnant. CI Fayas and SI Anil Basil arrested the accused, produced Afzal before the court, and remanded him in custody. Malayalam Manorama reported the incident on December 9.

little boys

On December 2, Kerala Kaumudi reported that the Kozhikode police had registered a case against four youths for abducting and sexually assaulting a minor boy. The Kozhikode town police registered a case under the POCSO Act against Aziz, Uwaiz and Abbas based on the complaint filed on behalf of a 15-year-old boy. The incident took place on October 27, and the Kerala police said another accused could not be “identified”. According to police, the accused abducted the boy from Malappuram, took him to Kunnamangalam in Kozhikode and sexually assaulted him. The missing accused is yet to be identified or arrested.

on December 5, Media Mangalam documented that a middle-aged man was arrested for sodomizing a minor boy in Kozhikode. Ahnas, a native of Wayanad Muthanga, was arrested by the village police. The victim left the house and reached the Kozhikode public transport bus stand when the accused lured the minor boy by promising him a job. Ahnas took the child to different lodgings in the city and raped her. Village Inspector MV Biju arrested the accused, and the judge remanded him to prison.

Based in Kozhikode Madhyamam (the mouthpiece of the anti-national Jamaat-e-Islami) also reported on the incident, but did not publish pictures of the accused. They knew the victim was a boy, and yet they used the image of a young girl in the report.

KP Ismail (Kabardar-49) of Thaikadappuram was arrested near Nileshwaram in Kasargod district for sodomizing a minor. The boy had come to the local madrasa to study religion. Police said the child was subjected to unnatural sex by showing obscene videos on her phone. The torture took place between October 10 and November 2. Ismail Nileswaram was arrested by SI, P. Rajeev and charged under sections of POCSO act.

The victim informed his teachers, after which the police arrested the perverted pederast. Ismail Swatantra is the state office of the Thozhilali Union (STU). It was founded in 1957 and is the oldest trade union federation in Bharat. STU is based out of Kozhikode and is affiliated with the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). New Karmas reported the incident on December 7.

POCSO and the Policy of Appeasement

Unfortunately, in Kerala, the list of sexual atrocities against children (both girls and boys) goes on. They are mostly middle-aged men from a particular community. (Some with Hindu nicknames). Local sociologists are also in denial, and the problem is even more complex. Politics and a sloppy penal system multiply its gravity.

In July, Judge KP Pradeep of the Irinjalakuda Fast Track Court sentenced a 37-year-old man to 40 years rigorous imprisonment for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. The accused, Hilar alias Muthu, son of Arakkapparambil Haneefa of Karuppadanna Vellangallur in Thrissur, was also fined two lakh rupees to be given to the survivor. The sexual assault happened in 2015. Unfortunately, it took eight years for justice to arrive. Some victims are still waiting after ten years. Judgments are rare and far between. This provides ample opportunity for pederasts to allegedly threaten victims, bribe the system or arrange payments to flee the country.

Religious appeasement means the Kerala government turns a blind eye or, in some cases, even helps child abusers. Both the opposition Congress and the ruling Communists are united on such issues.

POCSO accused Shamsuddin Nadakkavil of Malappuram of absconding

Social workers and child activists in Kerala have also forgotten the infamous pederast Shamsuddin Nadakkavil of Valanchery in Malappuram. At several places a minor girl was accused of sexually abusing her and slapped with strict POCSO. The entire system allowed and helped Nadakkavil flee the country after the crime came to light in May 2019.

Although Nadakkavil ran a “coal” business in Dubai, he was an independent member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPM-backed local self-government body in Kerala’s Valanchery municipality. It was said to be against the controversial Kerala minister KT Jaleel who allegedly smuggled gold using Qurans. The accused and Jaleel were active leftist workers in Thavanur and Valanchery assembly constituencies of Malappuram district. Jaleel, a former SIMI/IUML leader, hails from Valanchery and is the current MLA from Thavanur. He was a minister in the last communist government and recently traveled to Kashmir and named the region as the Pakistanis do. Azad Kashmir

Kerala Childline intervened on behalf of the minor rape victim. The administration delayed filing the sexual assault case against Nadakkavil and conveniently registered it before new police officers were appointed to the station during the pre-election reshuffle. Before being interrogated by the Kerala Police, Nadakkavil is suspected to have gone to Vietnam, moved between Indonesia and Thailand, eventually arriving in Malaysia, claiming to have “friends”. Fugitive Islamist terrorist Zakir Naik (wanted in Bharat for money laundering and hate speech) is now living comfortably in Malaysia where he was granted permanent residency.

Jaleel was charged because his friendship with the accused delayed the proceedings. Jaleel said that various people, including Muslim League workers, were spreading rumors against him. He tested the moral high ground and said that even if his son was involved in a crime, he should be punished. He was later forced to resign on charges of nepotism, and Keralites were not surprised. The Kerala police are yet to trace or arrest fugitive Nadakkavil. The rich and powerful are rarely punished, even if they rape minors.

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