The Way of Water, Liberty Basheer, Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation, Avatar release

Kochi: The Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation has said there is no ban on Avatar: The Way of Water. Federation president Liberty Basheer said theaters under his association will screen the film. It had earlier Film Exhibitors United Organization of Kerala (FEUOK). they announced that they did not cooperate James Cameron for not agreeing to the profit-sharing clause in the agreement with the filmmakers with the release of the film.

FEUOK officials said filmmakers were looking for 60 percent of the revenue, as opposed to the previous 50 to 55 percent. Moreover, they did not know about the change until they received the contract.
The organization said the film would not be screened in the 400 theaters under the organization.

Avatar: The Ways of Water is the sequel to the 2009 film Avatar. The film will be released on December 17. The film will be released in six languages ​​in India; English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

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