These passengers can reschedule, cancel Air India fog-hit flights for free | Latest News India

To minimize the impact of fog-related flight disruptions, Air India on Saturday said it will proactively contact passengers and allow them to reschedule or cancel affected flights free of charge.

The Tatas-owned airline has launched the ‘FogCare’ initiative to mitigate the impact of fog-related disruptions on passengers, initially for flights departing and arriving at Delhi airport.

The initiative is to proactively reach out to passengers whose flights have been severely damaged and are likely to be canceled during periods of fog. Such travelers can decide whether to go to the airport or not, and avoid the inconvenience of long waits.

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Affected flights may be rescheduled or canceled at no additional cost.

In a statement, the airline said the effort will also help ease airport congestion.

“Customer emails, calls and SMS with flight-specific notifications will be sent to passengers on affected flights, providing easy options to minimize disruptions due to fog-related disruptions,” he said.

According to Air India, it is also ensuring adequate availability of aircraft, pilots, maintenance and cabin crew to cope with fog-related demands. “With a fully trained cabin crew capable of operating in low visibility conditions through the CAT-III Instrument Landing System (ILS), Air India is prepared to minimize disruptions due to fog,” the statement said.

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