This won’t be Messi’s last World Cup, he will continue to lead Argentina in 2026, he can play in same form till age of 50: Martínez – SPORTS – GENERAL


DOHA: Millions of fans were saddened to hear Argentina captain Lionel Messi announce that the Qatar World Cup final would be the last match of the World Cup. However. Messi’s teammate and goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has shared his hope that he will be able to play in the next World Cup. Speaking to an Argentine media, Martinez said that Messi can play in the same form until he turns 50.

After beating Croatia in the semi-final, Messi said that the World Cup final would be the last match of the World Cup. But he did not talk about withdrawing from international competitions. Martinez’s statement is in this context. “Messi can also play in the 2026 USA World Cup. Even at this age, his talent or performance has not diminished. He makes things easier, it’s the hardest thing. Understanding how well he hits the ball. something. That left foot. It’s small, but very strong.” , said Marinez.

Argentina’s Cristian Romero also said that this will not be Messi’s last World Cup. Romero added that he hopes Messi will play for Argentina in the next World Cup as well.

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