Top Telangana news developments today

YSR Telangana president YS Sharmila to continue her padayatra today after the court granted her bail

YSR Telangana President YS Sharmila to continue her padayatra today after being granted bail by a court | Photo credit: The Hindu

Here are the top Telangana news to consider today:

1. Income Tax officials intensify investigation into IT violations by Labor Minister C. Malla Reddy, his educational institutions and relatives. The department has given new warnings to another sixteen employees of the institutions, bringing the number of people called for questioning to 26. Today, his son Bhadra Reddy and son-in-law Rajasekhara Reddy will appear.

2. Telangana State Public Service Commission has stepped up steps to issue recruitment notifications for Group 2, 3 and 4 services. Officials from nearly 30 departments are called daily to identify positions and resolve roster points. The exercise will end tomorrow.

3. YSR Telangana President Sharmila to continue her padayatra today, a court granted her bail after she was arrested yesterday while on her way to the Chief Minister’s camp office in the car damaged in the attack by TRS workers in Narsampet the previous day.

4. State AIDS Control Association press conference in connection with World AIDS Day and state AIDS situation on Thursday.

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