Two booze shops to pay duo Rs 10 lakh for overcharging Rs 30 | Dehradun News

DEHRADUN: They have overcharged for the daily fee alcoholTwo tipplers in Haridwar who dragged their liquor sales to court have been awarded Rs 10 lakh in compensation in an order that will leave scores of customers on a daily high.
Vijay Kumar and Monu Kumar will receive Rs 5 lakh from two liquor shop owners who charged the couple an extra Rs 10 and Rs 20 for a quart of whiskey and four cans of beer, respectively. Monu and Vijay, armed with proof that they had made the payment online and shot more than the MRP, knocked on the doors of the consumer redressal forum in Haridwar, which besides 10 thousand rus – for mental. harassment – also directed the liquor traders to pay Rs 10,000 towards legal costs to the aggrieved drinkers.
Vijay stated in his petition that earlier this year he bought a “quart” of ‘Imperial Blue’ on January 2 from an “English liquor store” owned by one Sagar Badgoti near Ramnagar. The cost of the bottle was Rs 170 but he ended up paying Rs 180.
Monu felt similar fury on April 4 when he bought four cans of ‘Bee Young’ beer at a wine shop in a Chedi Lal and had to pay Rs 20 more.
The store gave them four chances to get their money back but they failed. The consumer court observed “deficiency in service” and said the penalty was fair. He stated that the two applicants will be entitled to receive 6% interest on the said amount, from the date of submission of the application, if they are not compensated within 30 days of the order.

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