Ullas Pandalam’s father-in-law says no mystery in daughter’s demise | Entertainment News

Actor Ullas Pandalam’s father-in-law Sivanandan says there is no mystery behind the suicide of Nisha (Asha-38), who was found hanging inside the house. He said there was no tension between them and therefore mental stress may have led to his suicide. Sivanandan gave a statement to the police that they had no suspicion in this case. At the same time, he said the police will investigate the death.

“It is understood that some mental disturbance caused the suicide. We have no other suspicions. The children also said that their mother had committed suicide. We have nothing to say against Ullas. No one in the family has had any problems with him,” said Sivanandan.

Asha was found hanging on Tuesday morning. After not being found in the bedroom during the night, he was found hanging among the clothes that were drying on the terrace. As reported, Ullas was at home at the time of the incident. Yesterday there was a small argument between the two. After that, Asha went to the terrace. When they went to look for him, he was found dead. Although he was taken to the hospital in Adoor, he could not be saved.

On Monday, Ullas took to Facebook to celebrate his son’s birthday. This was followed by Asha’s death. Recently, Ullas and his family moved to a new house. Ullas, who was abroad, recently returned.

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