Unauthorised collection of money from Sabarimala pilgrims at MVD checkposts

Kottayam: A strange order issued by the Kerala Transport Commissioner is being used by the Motor Vehicle Department officials at check posts to collect money from Sabarimala pilgrims arriving from the inter-state border.

The order that the copy of the permit that the fee has been paid online must be presented at the checkpoint and the stamped stamp leads to the collection of money.

An inspection by Vigilance at the Kumily check post the other day found that unauthorized collection of funds was taking place. Officials charge Rs 100 per passenger. This fund collection is being done at 19 check posts of the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala.

A facility called “Vahan Checkpost” has been established at the check posts. Vehicles from other states arriving with passengers can get permission to enter Kerala through this facility online and also pay tax. By verifying the E-POS machine, the officials will be able to verify whether the tax has been paid after obtaining the vehicle permit. By entering the license plate of the vehicle, one could find out whether it has obtained a permit or not. There are also 24-hour enforcement teams.

The circular for online permit copying and stamping of vehicles coming from the border at checkpoints was issued when this facility was available.

Rs 100 is collected for affixing this stamp as a ‘hand offering’ per person after adding up the number of passengers in the vehicle.

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