US condemns Taliban’s restrictions on women’s education in Afghanistan

The United States has condemned the Taliban’s recent decision to impose restrictions on women’s education in Afghanistan.

The United States condemns the Taliban’s indefensible decision to deny Afghan women a college-level education, White House NSC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said Tuesday.

This regrettable decision is the latest effort by the Taliban leadership to impose additional restrictions on Afghan women and girls and prevent them from exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms, he said.

As a result of this unacceptable attitude of holding on to half of Afghanistan’s population, the Taliban will be further distanced from the international community and denied the legitimacy they seek, Watson said.

The United States is engaging with our partners and allies on this issue. We will continue to take steps to advance our shared efforts to support Afghan women and girls and provide robust humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, he said in a statement.

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