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The best of the best, movie in the palm on your hand.
Vertical Theater smash.

Now offering a one month free trial!

Features of smash.

(1) Easy to watch at any time.
Short films of 5 to 10 minutes. Easy to watch.

2) Closeness to the audience
You can feel the presence of the artists and performers you always see on TV more closely!

3) Originality
There are many original works only available on smash.
Enjoy new movie works never seen before!

Share your favorite scenes

With smash. you can cut out up to 15 seconds of your favorite scene, save it, and share it.
Whether it’s a phrase from your favorite artist, a look on your favorite idol’s face, or a scene that excites you, keep picking!

Genres of smash.

A wide range of works will be distributed one after another!
Variety ・Documentary

To be distributed in the future!

Service name and how to call it
smash., smash

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[email protected]
We will reply to your inquiry by e-mail.

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