Vokkaliga leaders demand 12% reservation in govt jobs and college admissions | Bengaluru

PTI | | Posted by Pathi Venkata Thadhagath

Karnataka ministers from the dominant Vokkaliga community and BJP lawmakers on Friday demanded 12 percent reservation in admissions to educational institutions and government jobs in the state. Led by state Revenue Minister R Ashoka, a memorandum was presented to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai here.

Along with the call for reservations, the leaders also made other calls for community well-being. Vokkaligas come under Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Karnataka.. “Today, we have submitted a memorandum to the chief minister to increase our reservation from four percent to 12 percent. Though our population is 16 percent, we want 12 percent reservation,” Ashoka told reporters in a memorandum. after.

There are many people living in abject poverty in the farming community, Ashoka said, adding that many Vokkaligas lost their land to various development projects and are economically weak. According to state Health Minister K Sudhakar, Vokkaliga ministers and MLAs held a meeting under the leadership of Ashoka in which it was decided to submit such a petition.

The request comes as the state government made a move to increase reservation from 15% to 17%, and 3% to 7% for STs. It has also demanded that the Panchamasali community of the Lingayat caste be included in the 2A category of OBCs.

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