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Project 409
May 16, 2019
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Display a cool Watch image on my cell phone screen and use it as a quick and simple way to unlock by touching specific positions of the watch!!
The Watch-pass can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on watch image.

– It provides an advanced level of security as both “Watch image” and “Touch position” set on the lock screen become a touch password.

– As soon as others touch the screen on the cell phone, a “warning” message pops up so no one else can unlock it.

– It safeguards my cell phone filled with confidential financial data and personal information.

Cool Watch turning into my cell phone password!!! @@

– I can also set watch image on the first screen of my cell phone to use it as both watch and screen lock. This is a genuine touch lock screen~

It is simply done only if I touch any position I want on the watch image of my choice. Touch lock screen compatible with any version of cell phone
– Surprisingly, this simple and powerful new security technology is compatible with low-end and old mobile phones as long as their screens are touch-aware.

– Since I can directly set the “touch password” on my favorite watch, my cell phone becomes much easier to use in addition to its decoration effect.

– There is no inconvenience of setting a separate password on my phone once I set the watch-password. This is because lock screen’s touch position itself functions as a strong password.
This first introduced “Touch password” is a patented technology using graphic authentication.

Security is undoubtedly strong
An innovative way to avoid exposing password to others when entering the “Touch Password”! It is because It only comes with the watch-pass.

Should I be concerned about the possibility that only touching watch makes my phone vulnerable to certain security breaches such as an attempt to crack my phone’s password by guess or unintended password exposure to others? No need to worry.

– There is a technology hidden inside the watch-pass that prevents others from finding out what actually makes up the “touch password” during its use. The password is hardly noticeable even if it is shown purposefully.
This magic like technology, which is being introduced for the first time in the world, is also patented technology.

“Watch-pass”’s graphical user authentication(GUA) technology, touch password, random password system, and other technologies are protected by patent so they are prohibited from being reproduced or modified without permission.
[Our Patents]

– Graphical image user authentication and supplementary service system
– User authentication using password contained with random key
– Image sliding password system
– Password system using characters
– User authentication system using junk data
Total 9 registered patents including above listed technologies. In addition to that, we hold 4 international patents (PCT) and 36 patent applications.


Watch password - Easy & strong Touch lock screen
Project 409
Showing permissions for all versions of this app
This app has access to:
Device & app history
  • retrieve running apps
  • find accounts on the device
  • find accounts on the device
  • read phone status and identity
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Device ID & call information
  • read phone status and identity


  • update component usage statistics
  • receive data from Internet
  • view network connections
  • disable your screen lock
  • full network access
  • run at startup
  • draw over other apps
  • control vibration
  • prevent device from sleeping




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