World News | ISI Trying to Revive LTTE in Tamil Nadu: Report

Colombo [Sri Lanka]December 25 (ANI): Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI is trying to revive the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Tamil Nadu, The Island Online has reported.

Earlier this week the National Investigation Agency arrested nine people in connection with an illegal drugs and arms case related to the revival of the LTTE.

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The NIA said in a statement that the case relates to the activities of the Sri Lankan drug mafia controlled by Gunashekaran and Pushparajah, along with Haji Salim, a Pakistan-based drug and arms supplier.

This module is operating in India and Sri Lanka and has been smuggling drugs and weapons in an attempt to finance the revival of the LTTE, The Island Online reported.

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Pakistan’s drive to incite terror in southern India is not new. In 2014, the NIA found a module controlled by the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo.

The High Commission was being supervised by a couple of operatives from Tamil Nadu who were conducting a survey of various targets they planned to attack.

Having uprooted that module, the ISI is trying to revive the LTTE movement in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to continue to undermine security in this part of the country, The Island Online reported.

An Intelligence Bureau official told OneIndia in February that efforts were being made to revive the LTTE movement by associating it with Tamil nationalism. The NIA arrested former operatives of the outfit and found that they were linked to some people in Europe.

It was learned that these operatives based in Europe were trying to extract money and use it to revive the LTTE.

These people based out of Denmark and Switzerland were trying to extract money to fund the activities of the defunct LTTE. It is also known that through these elements the ISI targeted rural areas to revive the LTTE using Tamil nationalism, reported The Island Online.

They also contacted some NGOs who were organizing webinars and seminars to convince people that the rise of the LTTE was directly linked to Tamil nationalism.

This case came to light after the arrest of Sri Lankan national Letchumanan Mary Franciska (50) at Chennai airport.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the accused had withdrawn the money from the Mumbai Fort branch of Overseas Bank of India. It became clear that the money was to be channeled into the revival of the LTTE, The Island Online reported.

Of particular note are the activities taking place at the fishing port of Koddikarai, which was once a hub for Sri Lankan smugglers who traded beedis for opium.

The Koddikarai port has been a bone of contention and has been used not only by smugglers but also by terrorists. A large Chinese arms racket has also been busted in this port.

An Intelligence Bureau dossier says that the drug industry being supported by the ISI makes nearly Rs 380,000 billion a year through drug sales. The ISI uses this money to finance its terrorists, The Island Online reported. (ANI)

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