Young couple murders two-year-old son to escape POCSO case

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Tirupur: A two-year-old boy was allegedly strangled to death by his parents on Monday in an attempt to escape from a POCSO case. The shocking incident took place in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu. The autopsy reports were obtained after the young couple tried to make the baby’s death look like an accident.

The couple got married in 2019 when the man was 19 and the woman was 17. When she gave birth to her first son in 2020, her husband was still underage, a news release said.

The girl’s family got her married to another person that year, but secretly maintained a relationship with her first POCSO-accused husband, Times of India (TOI) he said in a report. She separated from her second husband a couple of months ago and moved back to her parents’ house, the news added.

On December 19, the woman strangled her two-year-old child to death in the company of her first husband in an attempt to destroy evidence against him in the POCSO case. The dead child was placed inside a bucket of water to make it look like an accident.

When the child’s grandmother later noticed that he was motionless in the aluminum container, she rushed him to a medical facility. Although her life could not be saved at the hospital, an autopsy revealed that she had not been drowned but had been strangled, the newspaper said.

The police soon found out what really happened and arrested the parents for the child’s murder. He was booked under Section 302 (murder) and remanded to judicial custody.

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